Stay At Home a shopping Collectibles

Have a mix of found items we bought a huge lot of new old stock. Are you going to fix it? So your head’s in of collectibles, and so over the next few weeks on the stay at home shopping network on our thrift halls, we’re, going to slowly be working our ways we’ll.

Tell you more about that haul here in a little bit, we’re super excited um, but we do have some one-of-a-kind um, well, not one-of-a-kind, but we only have one of them items up for sales. We’re super excited about that lots of new bags joggers, and we have to leave like five minutes early because the boys have pictures for wrestling.

So we’re gonna get that done. If you’re new here, we’re gonna shop at today, um and caitlin is on here. Mariah is dropping links. So if you’re watching the replay click, the live chat and if you like these kinds of videos, be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel, let’s, get started, let’s, show the Stuff, first of all, i want to move this horse before something happens.

It has a nice styrofoam box that goes in for safe keeping, but it’s. It’s older, but most of this stuff is from the 80s and 90s. Yes, um some from the 70s, so this is rb tate um on this one. This is a vintage bisque in excellent condition.

It was made in west germany. So before the wall came down, um it’s, kaiser porcelain, um, and it’s 2198 of 4 000 pieces that were made it’s, got the original stickers on the bottom for the certificate of authenticity situation.

Um horses are always really good and what i’m, going to try to do with all these collectibles, because i literally have tubs and tubs of stuff to process. It also comes with a stamp. It also comes with the original stand.

Um is i’m, going to try to figure out what, like the full retail price is, and then i’m going to mark it at like half of that um. It’s kind of hard to tell because they’re all over the place. This one retails for between 300 and 400 is what i saw and i’m selling for 149.

95, so super excited on this one. It does come in the original box with the foam um, but the box is not in perfect condition, but the foam is nice because it’ll, make it great for shipping and for um storing.

Once you’re, you can ‘ T find that this is brand new. The box has been in storage, okay, it’s called uh kaiser quarter horse, it is active and it is in the vintage found collection. So let me know if you find that mariah, i’m gonna copy and paste that here in the links, if you just look up horse or quarter horse, it should bring it up.

Look up well search altenew. In the end, i’m, going to carefully go put this back in its styrofoam, and i’ll, be back in just a moment, should probably show you some gnomes. Oh, she found it all right.

So super excited um for the gnomes, because i know gnomes are really popular right now. Now here’s, the thing on the gnomes um they’re new old stock. Some of them are older than others, and i have more than i have listed.

So if you want more just keep watching the website, i’m, going to keep listing them throughout the day um and if you order twice in one day, just email info at and we will combine your shipping.

Oh, you have to put quarter horse as one word um. I think that’s, because that’s, how it was on the box. I tried to like keep it. However, it was on the box all right, um, let’s, see ivy says she loves.

The gnomes and deb says that she always wants one in her front yard. Leslie says not so much on the nose. You know what it’s about to be spring and garden season, and even if you, don’t have like a big garden.

These guys are perfect. They’re resin. I think they’re more intended for inside. They have felt on the bottom, but i’m big into putting gnomes outside in the garden they’re super super cute. I’m, going to pull up the listing because they’re all different prices, so this one is sheer delight.

So this one actually says 180 150. It was retired, but i think they’re all retired, because i don’t think they’re still making them. But we’re selling this one for 19.95 and it’s. Two gnomes and one gnome is giving the other one a haircut.

The detail on these are absolutely amazing. The store that they came from was called mckay’s, and i believe that was in wyoming. My friend’s, grandfather owned the store, and so they’re clearing out their basement and the family was like.

I will just sell a whole lot to you and then you can process them, so we got boxes for days. We’re, so excited. So this one’s. My this one’s, my favorite it’s called the taxi mom. She’s, got like all the sports stuff all around and this some of them.

So these we actually have four of these ones, which i’m super excited. It has the boy scouts logo, the volleyball um, the football it’s. Just they’re very well detailed. There’s even like little mushrooms in there, and just so so cute um that one is 26.

95, so it’s, the most expensive of the lot, because it’s, the largest, the most detailed um one and there’s, four of those okay, i’m just gonna see. If there’s, questions someone here, let’s, take a break, so kai said she saw pearls, yeah jane.

These are not for outside. Oh, we’re, taking a break for pearls, we are well, then i have to log out and log back in hold on pearl bracelets, so these come in bisque and white and they match really well with my earrings.

They are not expensive, guys. 9.95. Um and i think they come with multiple ones – how many bracelets are there? It looks like there’s four in each i mean. Let me oh there’s. Four, not gonna break the brakes.

You get four bracelets for 9.95, but they look super cute on and they look well. They don’t, look great with my scratch from cleaning out the dryer vent today. But if you want to be bougie on a budget 9.

95 free shipping on these, no one’s ever going to know they look. They look real well. I’m going to know because jamie ain’t buying. No real pearls, unless they, i found them out of the yard. So then all right, all right, let me see if i can now i can’t get this back in there.

Okay, i’m gonna mix it back up and we’re gonna go back to the color and then here’s, the white, so they’re, really close, but or friendship bracelets for four people. I, like it, cause sally’s, coming up with extra ideas here: okay, back to the gnomes all right, this is the court jester 53.

78 uh 1981, i believe, is what that’s. I’m gonna sell for 19.95. Why are we at home today? We alternate between the shop and the house yep, because we don’t reset the shop every week. I know you guys are shocked, but it just gives us a break from that um.

So this is giovanni. This one’s, cool that he ‘ S got like seashells on it and there’s like a quarter um, and this was retired at one point. They wanted 126 dollars for it. Jamie ain’t doing that one 19.

95 or this one, oh jane, has her mother’s, real pearls, nice. I love it. Look how cute these noses are all right. Okay, this one is perfect for mother’s day. I i kind of envisioned this. I’m guessing she’s like a widow.

She’s sitting on her log that her and her gnome husband sat on, and it says thinking of you on the law, her gnome husband, 1295, and we have four of them, and i just i actually recently my friend lost my friend vicki lost Her husband mark to a six-year battle of cancer, so i actually am.

I might reserve one and send those to her because i think she would really like it. It’s really sweet. So i love that one and then let’s. See which other one did you already show? I haven’t shown this one and with st patrick’s day coming i like it.

So this is a leprechaun and kind of a gnome. He’s, got acorns and mushrooms. All over his gold coins and this one is monahan and look how cute this is, and you guys could totally paint these. If you wanted to, i’m, not going to be painted, though i’m, not going to be painting them, because these are collectible so monahan these are made in north carolina, so that’s kind of fun um.

You can do what you want with them 19.95 for this one, so this one was retired. It was once more than 26.. Oh, that’s, the one you showed i’m like so. This is the last one i’m, like retired didn’t, you already say one was retired.

There you go. I got ta pay more attention, so this, if you know somebody who works at the airport, this is a paddle man and i’m guessing these leaves are how he he guides them in, because you recognize, like the orange vest um.

These do look a lot like boyd’s, bears they’re, very much reminiscent of that one, and this is the paddle man and he’s also 12.95, and we only have one of them and they’Re resin, but very, very, very detailed and again, very reminiscent and avoid spares and they’re collectible.

So but the price point is good. So if you don’t like the colors, you want to paint them. I don’t care yeah, throw some apothecary on these guys. You do whatever that’s. What we do when we find stuff like this and it’s, got chips in the thrift store.

We just paint them so the next one i want to show is lowell davis. I found that he actually recently passed away. He is an american artist um this one, and these are all new in the box. This one is called honeymoon’s over it’s.

Schmidt border, fine arts handmade in scotland, but he’s, not from scotland. So, where’s, the box that he’s from i don’t know this was 1991 and it says old davis, but you can kind of tell he’s from southwest missouri.

You can kind of oh from he’s from missouri. You can tell that he wrote over his name with ink because that’s. What it looks like to me, you can, i can’t, confirm or deny, because i don’t know, and this is 14 12 out of 1950 of them, and it comes original new in box.

It has the foam, so christy will be super excited to ship that even has like all the paperwork in it, and this one’s. My favorite, because it’s, got the cute. It’s, a farmhouse which the subject matter is good and this one is 59.

95 originally retailed for 300 and i saw them anywhere from 80 to like 250, so um anyways. I thought this one was good. Bfa, scotland, it’s handwritten. This is number 1412 on here. Yeah isn’t that cute and i mean i guess you could paint this, but this is actually something i wouldn’t paint and it comes with the original.

Like coaster situation, so that one’s fun all right, let me i’m gonna put that one back in the box, you all right that one is going back in next. We have some waterford crystal and then we’ll, go back to the normal fair we’ll, show you some joggers.

We got new joggers in and we got some new bags and some new headbands that i’m sporting. So we’ll get over there. I’m gonna pull up comments. If you guys remember from last week, we had the uh. Oh les said that she received her pan.

Today she’s sitting in the fireplace it’s sitting in the fireplace with dried lavender nice. I’m glad. You got that less um. We had that waterford cake plate, and so initially i bought the collectibles and she said i have this box of crystals, so i bought that and i actually want to buy a box of pewter, which i haven’t listed any of that.

But i do have a few of the crystal pieces. They are waterford um. This one is vintage and i looked it up. This is a five bucket champagne. I was like voz, but no, it is not and it’s. A five bucket champagne situation.

Now i’m, just wondering, like you put five champagnes in here, five glasses, i don’t know i don’t know. Is that what it’s before when you looked it up yeah? So this is waterford crystal made in germany, and this is um toe champagne bucket uh.

It is a lot bigger than it is on the website. It is mama jama, um yeah. You can see it here, hold on jessica says the cake plate is huge and gorgeous did it arrive alive? I’m guessing that’s. Awesome.

The nice thing about this is that we don’t have the full box, but we have most of the full box. So we have all the foam christie’s. Gon na be super excited about that, because she – and jean did you – show them close.

This is heavy this one’s. Gorgeous i’m gonna guess. You didn’t, show them clothes. So this is the angel wheat pattern. I believe um it’s got wheat on it. It’s got. I thought it was a bow, but apparently an angel, and it looked like a heart to me.

I don’t, know and x’s, but it’s thick glass. The bottom is like this thick um. I thought waterford was made in ireland. I don’t know this one’s, not it says made in germany. It was made in germany, so we’re gonna go with it.

That also came from that collection. So we ‘ Ve got part of the new box um, we have the original box for this one. This is a waterford candelabra situation, it’s. Gorgeous waterford crystal comes with the original box, and i believe this one is 24.

95. Let me go back and double check and i retails for like 50 49.95 and i put it up the candelabra yes, so i i really tried to stick with half of what it retails for, because i have so much to process you know, and so i can Sell you for half off and you can resell it or get a good deal either way.

I’m happy about that, and sometimes you see stuff online and you’re like um. How long has that been listed? That seems a little steep like, oh so patricia says. Not all waterford was made in ireland. You always need to check the gold stamp so that gold stamp says made in germany.

This one did not have a gold stamp. It’s, a newer piece. So i don’t, know yeah. So now you go no that um uh. Actually we do have doubles. I don’t. Have any here um we can show you this. One so and donna says patricia is right.

I actually should just call donna and face time with her while i go through all this stuff, because she knows all that this is this. Is her jam right now what the stuff this is, my gem, it’s super exciting um.

That means it’s newer. If it’s made anywhere other than ireland there, you go all right. We’re gonna move on to some jrv fun stuff. We got new jewelry in i’ve, been waiting for these um. These are the lola heart, earrings and necklace.

They are not vintage, they are not old uh, but they are cute so that’s. The important part that they’re cute um. This shirt is on my website. I think it’s 29.95 for this one and it used to come up to plus size.

But i’m, not really sure what we have left. We’ve, had it for a little bit. Mariah has the link, so she ‘ Ll drop the link for this one all right hold on. Let me see the lola stuff, because i didn’t get pricey on these, oh yeah, so the earrings are 9.

95 and then the necklace and that’s. Free shipping with these um, where’s, the necklace? Oh, she must have listed them separate because she’s good, like that all right, where’s, the other one? Oh okay, maybe this is 9.

95 mariah hasn’t said it. I’m, going to take this one actually out, while she’s waiting to try to find that if you were waiting for a bike. Oh they’re back in stock. They’re back in stock. We got some more, they sold out like within a little bit of showing them last time around.

They’re handmade, very detailed. They move they’re. They’re uh, like even the pedals move the wheels move, the handlebars move so, which is really cool, very detailed handmade. They’re, a little bit in perfect every single heart and earrings, which is why i love them like you can even see the earrings guys are not even exactly the same.

So every single one is unique on these cocoa and lola, and i always love it. When i can support a handmade artisan, did you tell them that the bikes weren’t handmade? Yes, in new york, i didn’t, know new york yep handmade in new york.

Let me double check the listing, but i’m. Like 99.9 sure i know they’re hand made in the u.s, give the gnomes away. They couldn’t, give the gnomes away. Well, you obviously weren’t selling to the right people.

I don’t know if she was trying to sell them. She said she went to a auction or something oh gotcha. I can’t, you keep moving the comments, so i haven’t read the whole thing, but the bikes are very cool all metal.

They got like a little bit of uh galvanized. Look to them, but i love them yeah. Those are fun. Les waterford actually do use gold stickers, the newer ones that are made in germany um, because these are not like second-hand these are bought like they ordered them directly from waterford.

So it just depends all right. We have some fun bowls and mugs and plates. I think we showed these like back when, like last march or february or uh april, when we first started got more in, and these are part of the park hill collection.

They we have the bowls, the mugs and the small plates, and we only, i think we have like two sets of each and they’re, not making them anymore. Originally, i was gonna use them here at the farmhouse, but then i found out they weren’t making them, and i was like people get real cheesed when they don’t have stuff they can buy.

So i was like i will sell these. I’ll, find some new stuff cape says the the sheep are adorable there’s, a pig one and they all have the inside of the bowl like that with like the the ribbon around the top and it’s.

Different on all of them yeah, this is the cow, so donna was saying that waterford’s produced every sword. Actually, the a lot of waterford is czech republic, that’s where that big cake plate that we sold came from quick question.

How many days would it take some of your paint to send to texas ashley quick answer? I don’t, know um, we usually ship within 10 business days um and we have almost everything in stock. But if, for some reason you order something that’s not in stock, then we have to like reorder every day.

So we just have to wait till that comes in, but if you need it, quick email, customercare, and caitlyn will make sure that it’s in stock and ready to go most orders ship out in a couple of days and then take four Or five days to be delivered all right, so we ‘

Ve got pig plates and chicken plates to match with the bowls and cow and sheep it’s a match, robin sivis, says cheesed, but i don’t know. Did it did i say cheese? I think so, because i said that people get cheesed when they can’t find oh, that pig is cute, yeah pig mug.

I’m, actually kind of sad. Maybe nobody will buy these and then i will keep them because they’ll, be like you. Had your chance, listen doubtful. These are cool yeah. These are cute. I don’t know why they didn ‘

T continue to make them, i feel, like you know. Sometimes you just have to let stuff go less was told by your employer. Well, maybe that was before you retired less, which was a few years ago. If i’m correct all right, mariah, just linked barnyard ceramic desert plates less don’t feel bad ain’t.

Nobody felt bad about information all right. You know we are happy about this. We’re happy about these bags, so here’s, the story about the bags um. I went to get some cute puppy on bags and we didn’t have any because we sold all of them, so i ordered new ones new bags all right.

So this is a new messenger style bag. I, like the i like these because they can’t wait. I do not know the prices because they take these take forever to get in. So i i ordered them weeks ago, but there’s, a messenger bag, open it up and show them the inside on that one.

Where are the sheep? Bowls mariah just dropped a link, their barnyard ceramic bowls, mugs and plates, and they come with a set. So it’s, not just sheep. You get one of each in the set, so you ‘ Ve got nice liner in here zipper pocket up here in the top.

It does have a tie spring if you want to tie it and there’s, canvas and leather, and then there’s, two pockets on this side to drop like wallet or phone or something in your purse. So you don’t lose it.

This is the it says it’s, the pink tote, but this is brown and it also it’s kind of pinkish. I think it looks pink myself like it’s, got a pink shade. Mostly there’s. Also a clip over here for your keys, i believe, or something it’s got the tag.

I also don ‘ T. Think the picture says be the change on the tag. All right, i’m, going to add that pocket on the outside we don’t. Have them stuffed because, just before we did the video i uh, i pulled this out of the bag all right hold on.

Can you smile real quick? I just need to take a picture of that because i don’t like the picture that’s. There is not the correct coloring oops hold on okay, we’ll. Just leave that off. I’m just gonna get the bag that’s good and your arm.

My man arm. Oh, my gosh, i’ve, got to get out the drill like these bar stools like coming across like coming undone, and i was complaining about you not getting it done, but the truth is, i do know how to use a drill.

It’s. True all right, i’ve got the correct color up there, we’ve, also got from from them. This big belt with the gold buckle it’s, leather, and it comes in this really cool bag. Les says she’s very bad on bags.

She also said she retired in the 90s, see last it was just not it. Wasn’t bad information, it was just retired information. I only know because i went on the internet. It’s, not like i walk around google.

Oh, the belts are bomb yeah, these are nice, they’re, nice leather belts, big thick buckles, and they’re all mediums because that’s. The size i wear and i didn’t want to buy like 800 belts, so i would say if you’re about this, is gonna fit me, and i’m like a six eight.

So if you’re bigger than a six eight, i would say these. Actually, probably if you use the last one, you go from like four to like a six eight on these, i’ll. Try, if you like them, i’ll, get them in bigger sizes.

I just they’re kind of spendy, so i don’t want to buy a million of them. They are pretty. I’m excited 33.95. For this belt, oh, it’s, a backpack with a special zipper that goes against your back, so that it’s, not hanging out, for you know, sneaky people to try to take your stuff out of your zipper.

So these are made like with a really high quality, like almost like canvas rug. Sorry, i ‘ Ve got a bar stool situation. These also have a zipper and the compartment for like the phone or whatever it’s just hard to show because it’s.

It’s. Dark blind. This bar stool has been fat. Yep looks bad, go, get a new one. Thank you. Children gonna go with one one’s put together because we did it. One is put together because that’s, the one i screwed in one or two or six.

Maybe i’ll. Do this after one of the videos in 2029. there’s less. I have an excuse. I’m still, unless you’re, not that old. You’re younger than my parents, so i’m super excited about this bag because i bought it in black and white and then i thought i was getting another black and white.

But then we got this cool burgundy color. So you can get it it’s like gold in the middle it’s like shiny. They’re 72.95. So anywhere that looks like it’s. Leather is leather on all these bags. 20. 29.

20. 29.. Maybe i’ll, get them done in 2021, at some point, all right, another bag. This is a canvas tote. It’s, got this little charm. On this one, it’s, got the grain sack stripes. These always sell really fast.

I actually like the black with the burlap, the red green sack sold really fast, but me personally, i’m like a black bag person. The inside is so flipping cute, so it’s got a zipper pocket. Stripes and then two pockets here and i love the ticking stripe inside very french country.

I’m breaking stuff. All right, lolly says 49.95 on this one. She must be looking at prices. She’s pre-shopping. We have some inexpensive bags that are in the half off section. So if you’re looking to not spend 50 on a bag, it’s.

Chill we got you go to the new year, sale collection. It comes off at checkout. We got some less expensive bags, see less, is more and don’t. They come in this fun um that depends on the bag, so that backpack comes in this case.

Okay, because when you get a bag in a bag, you know it’s, quality that’s. How you know have we shown this one? Yet these ones always sell out every day in time they are made of heavy duty canvas and they ‘

Ve got the um brown on the bottom, the snaps on the side very zeb said this is masculine. I just thought it looked like a messenger bag and she’s like what’s with you in the bags i’m, like it looks like a messenger bag.

I like messenger bags. Would you carry this one for me? We were shopping um i mean just because i like them, doesn’t mean i would carry one okay. I’m, just checking saying they have these like nice heavy-duty zippers in them that i love and then this has the ticking stripe inside of it i mean the french label and everything that looks like leather is leather.

On these inevitably 6.95 and oh, you get extra room yeah, you think it’s like hey. I need more room for shopping. Inevitably um there’s been many instances where i end up carrying your bag, largely because it gets too full of stuff.

So i actually ordered three of each of these, because i want one of these and i want one of those. So this one would not, would this one would probably be like one of the least uh girly bags you’ve ever had you used to carry like? Can you skip with it? I feel like you.

Can you used to carry like when we put them in the shop? If you guys resell bags, make sure you stuff them with paper? They don’t, look good. Whenever you look it’s almost as good. Now it’s going to sell out because you skipped in it it’s almost as good as a bag says you only carry backpacks.

Well, we have backpacks too, almost almost it’s good. I actually have a little leather dkny backpack that i think i’m gonna list for the thrift haul this weekend, um because i’ve gone to bigger bags, and i need to did we show this one? Yes, i’m very excited, so we are going wait for it.

We’re going to antiques week. Oh yes, yes um, so we’re super excited about that. Is that a thing where it’s official? We’re official. I need to get the dates booked in new mexico to stay at our friends airbnb and then we’re, going to pick up our friends who are sisters and we’re going to go and we’re going to Wear masks and i’m, going to put a hat on with sanitizer and stay six feet away, and i’m gonna be outside buying antiques, and so i bought this because it’s, a weekender bag.

We had those weekender bags that were like 40 or 50 dollars. This one is just under 100. If i remember correctly, it’s like 99.95 hold on wait for it um, but 104.95. This one is better made than obviously the half price one, and i wanted one that would last a long time.

We have a backpack in the same fabric, it’s, leather and it ‘ S got the the like. What is this called rug type yeah, it looks like it looks like a carpet bag like a carpet pack um but very well made so super exciting.

It’s, got the zipper inside and like all of their purses and bags seem to have that pouch for wallet and phone. So you don’t lose it if you were flying. I dare say you could call this a personal item and also do a carry-on because it’s big, but it’s not like it’s, just big enough.

It’s like it’s like a good-sized backpack. You probably go under the seat, just fine yeah and the gal that makes these bags. We actually had one person say that they had a problem with their bag and she, the owner, was amazing, i mean actually the damage looked like it could have been an animal because there were teeth marks, but she still was like my bags are awesome.

I stand behind them. We were able to get a refund on them, but they’re, just really high quality well made and the owner takes pride in the way back. It’s hard to see, but there’s. A little butterfly stamped in this leather deb says you both need that well deserved vacate.

Well, it’s kind of a work k, but i’m gonna be excited it’s, one of those ones that’s, my round top bag, and i’m gonna take that Bag with me, while i’m shopping because then i can put stuff in it and then we’re gonna get you one of those french backpacks and you’re gonna skip around round top.

We do work occasions. I don’t know that in the last six years we’ve, been on a vacation that wasn’t like some way work related, which is fine, because when i get sitting around for too long, i don’t relax like i don’t, go to the beach and chill like.

If i’m at the beach i’m building a sand castle. I’m out swimming. I’m trying to like body surf like i’m doing stuff, i’m. Looking for shells for the kids jamie’s over there like soaking up the sun got a blanket or a towel.

I’ll, see her in a couple hours i’m doing stuff. Oh, i was gonna order. Any bathing suits. I don’t, think they’re coming in not gonna, be uh swimming and round top um, but the color caboose says she has a new old stock cast iron farm sink.

She’d love to give me, while i’m in town, would you email details to info and i will try, if at all possible, to make a meet, because that, basically, is my love language? Our plan is to go down there, purchase a trailer and fill it up or rent a trailer.

I don’t know i’m more into purchasing. I’ll sell it. When i get back here, we can have sarah’s, husband pick it up for us, we’ll, send him money because that he would probably love to buy a trailer because that he like, when he’s, not golfing.

Okay and then we could send him money, he could buy a trailer and then we’ll, just pick it up because her she’s. Only two hours from roundtalk tell them about this. Oh look! This is very exciting. Is it sticky? No, i don’t, buy sticky lip gloss because some you know sometimes the lip gloss is sticky and i’m like yeah.

You can keep some of those kisses till that wears off a little bit, because i don’t like to feel like i got like sugar on my cheek or whatever. Oh here it comes well, you have lipstick because it’s mac, but not much comes off because i i heard i get in trouble if i rub it off like what is that like? Is that a thing? No, you’re rubbing.

It in you’re, not rubbing it off. So this is the same lip gloss we had where we did like those five packs, except for this one is coconut oil and it’s kind of amazing it’s, like you know, we can’t have a vacation Because of the situation, but we can’t have 295 lip gloss, so that includes free ship or no flat rate shipping.

Sorry, so if you order any of the flat, no it’s, not colored. It’s totally clear. Yeah it’s. It’s very clear, like you can almost see through this, but i know dawn it. Doesn’t, wear lipstick, so totally moisturizing has coconut oil, not sticky, see in case you were wondering or concerned check.

This out, [ Music ], you can’t, try it on. You can get some tone. No, i don’t. Do lip gloss it’s shiny, not right. Now, if it was chapstick, he would. What does it smell? Like does it doesn’t smell good, oh, that’s, strong yeah! That’s, a good smell yeah! It’s, a good like it’s, not like growth, strong, but it’s like strong enough that you put it on.

You will know you have coconut got it. I thought it was stuffing round top can be expensive, but also so can paris flea markets. I still found deals. I’m a shopper. You know what you get the stuff that’s like hanging out in the way back.

You like poke through, boosts and things you walk through them. You look and then you’re like what’s, that back behind your chair. What do you got in your trailer over there? That i see i’m. The queen of the bundle deal right.

I want to be like uh, rachel ashwell from um what she does, the shabby chic lady. She just goes with her people and she just points and then somebody walks up and they the deal do i need to give them a big burly.

Dude comes up and carries at a rate. Do i need to get like one of those rolling wagons um? No, i don’t. I’m, not gonna. Do that. I’m, not gonna. Do that all right, so we ‘ Ve got these jugs. We have more than one yes, 19.

95. They’re perfect for putting your flowers or your cotton stems in they look amazing. We had several of these with flowers and cotton stems up above our kitchen seat yeah. We sold those for like the other house for ages yeah, and these are gonna, be sans flowers sans flowers.

Also, you can get some good base out of them all right. Let’s. Talk about joggers, okay, so we ‘ Ve got these joggers are the houndstooth joggers they go from small to xxl. Also i’m, not going to show you the camper joggers.

I’m just going to tell you there’s. Only one small and one medium left of those these are the houndstooths. Yes, these are the houndstooth. I always get confused. I’m, like. Why is that called hound’s tooth, like i’m, just curious, it’s, a very old.

If you know the history on it. Let me know why it’s called that comment below. Why is this pattern fairly says? I went to paris flea market and there were things in the 12th century. There were millions, certainly the best thing i bought well, it wasn’t.

It was at a yard. Sale in france was i for two euros. I bought a 16th century wine craft and they sold it for 225. That was very exciting. It was exciting, it was good. Now i made it all the picking worth it.

We have the tie-dye jockers and then we have the blue and white kaye. They look very similar, but the blue and white has white. The other ones are just blue tie dye, so pay attention. When you’re ordering them plus size.

I can’t, remember who it was, but somebody’s been begging me forever. One has one, has a green tie, the other one has a black tie or blue navy blue. I’ve, been people in vain free forever to get these back in plus size.

So i did in two. Oh julia. You cannot try this on because they’re only plus size. So did you even home? Where’s? She at i don’t know. She said she went to round top with grandma and granddad. We did. I bought some things, but it wasn’t like during the actual event.

It was just like she went to the town gypsy and then we bought one to one antique store in town and i bought some stuff. That was when you got one of your big dough balls. It’s because lolly says it’s; the shape of dog’s tooth, which is what it used to be called.

But now it’s. Hound’s tooth, oh okay, because dog’s tooth just isn’t as fancy all right. So all the joggers are 19.95 with free shipping. We have these black ones and plus sizes. Just a plain black solid.

I wish we had these non plus eyes because i really want these ones. I love just a good plain belt black one. So these aren’t tight. These don’t like super hug. You they’re. They’re like loose fitting and it’s tight ultra comfy.

They’re, so soft like i can’t even describe it all right. It’s like it’s like holding on to like a brand new three-day old kitten; okay, so these are all regular size. So these are the black and white stripes joggers.

They’re more, like squares. They’re like a neutral pattern, and then we have. These ones are the black and white plaid jogger and it ‘ S got like a little bit of houndstooth in the plaid. If you look close, oh, that’s very similar over up scale joggers these ones – i’m gonna – be keeping i’m gonna take them out of stock.

These are polka dots. I happen to grab all the ones that were plus size. I grabbed them in medium. So if they weren’t sold by the end of thing, i could pull them out of stock and put them in my closet.

I like these. Yes, those are like arabesque moroccan joggers um. These are called retro, but i would have called them arabesque because they’re. Definitely the arabesque moroccan pattern, and these are, let me bring them closer to an xl which is the same size as 1x.

So if you wear one x, you can wear an xl in the regular sizes donna ordered. Those yesterday told me to buy the trailer. Did you order these and the campers the brim fields buy that trailer? Instead, we come to broomfield yeah.

Okay, we can only be gone so long. It’s, not a secret. I have atd like just a two day. Trip to get to round top is really pushing it for me, but i also don’t, like airplanes and with the current situation, jamie ankin and no airplane, so butterfly ones.

These are a restock one of the colors is super close to apothecary and old, 57 and cowgirl coral. So these are super cute. Look there. Those are. These are dream catchers. Those are dream catchers, so cute.

Can you show how stretchy they are? Okay, yeah? So these are stretchy and soft, almost like a certain brand of leggings that i need not mention um and they’re made to be loose. So i wear like a six eight in jeans and i wear a medium.

They have pockets. These are really popular. We’ve, been sold out for a long time. I just finally had the time to order more and they have a cuff, but it’s, not an elastic cuff, so super comfy. I like to call these lounge chic.

You can wear them to the grocery store, but you can also nap in them: okay, more kitties, so we got kitties and then we got bigger kitty and those are regular size. We have not had this print in the regular size.

Only the plus before and i’m super excited because that’s, my favorite leopard print and then the kitty. You could wear it with your leopard shirts. You could go full leopard yeah. Is that a weapon? So is that allowed to go full leopard print, or do you wear like a solid color on top or bottom and do either or i don’t know i don’t know.

Well, i have to get a picture of jamie and pull leopard print. Maybe we could get her to skip and put it in a video. A little leopard like full metal jacket, full leopard print. I don’t even know a full met.

Is that a band? No, that’s, a type of ammunition round? Oh, i was close part of the geneva accord or whatever that’s, probably controversial. I didn’t, say it. I’m just gonna drink, my water. These are back in stock, water bottles are out of stock um and i’d order more so i will get more of those make sure you guys are hitting up jrbhome.

com and we have a ton of stuff. So if you want clothes, you go to jrb closet. If you want the sale, oh yeah, i almost forgot to show these. These are one of a kind and we made them look how good they turned out cured.

They’re like all cured and hard, and this one’s cool because it’s. Gold on the inside and gold on the outside. Did you do that on purpose? Yes, that’s, the golden ticket one? It’s, got kind of like a brassy look, so i looked up like quintessential.

French country design is supposed to be antique gold, which this totally is um, and these are 22.95 for these ones, and i ‘ Ll. Show you what they look like with. This is the one i kept. This is the finished.

If you guys haven’t seen the video we did this yesterday for a waste, not wednesday um, and we used salt wash and paint and patina and molds and honestly spent 100 bucks buying the products. If you didn’t have them already, so i thought 22.

95. Each was a really good deal for what used to be number 10 cans. So on these, but we didn’t use very much product like they didn’t. Take very much at all: you could do a bunch of them. You could probably do like 15 of these with uh, with like a pint of diy, so there’s, much controversy on this.

Before we go, i’ll say i cannot cure, for. I cannot say it like a queue like [, Music ]. I don’t know i tried to listen to google translate and it didn’t. Do it for me, but some people say it says, bake some people say it says cook when i looked it up on google.

It said it was translated for book, but i think or not book bake, but i think it just depends on where you’re at in france, um anyways, oh my headband, i’m. Sorry yeah! Let’s! Show these headbands, oh, i put them over to the side and forgot to show them um this one.

So if you have a giant noggin, they are not super big. I’m just gonna disclaim that i have an average noggin. I usually get headaches, but i actually this one’s. Super soft and i’ve. Had it on for hours it hasn ‘

T bothered me um. Let me double check that, so they come in these floral prints in purple gray, so this is just under the headband mask link. I’d, say that’s like these are not masks. So what color would you call that? Would you say pink on that? I don’t know that did hold on mariah.

I think you may have linked the wrong one, because these are not um masks. Oh, it is a movie yeah. They do have a movie hold on. Let me look up the new product, sorry guys, but it’s, the name of a bullet round, so so uh.

They used to use in a lot of militaries a uh lead round that would mushroom out and cause all kinds of catastrophic damage, and you know somehow in like war, they decided that that was inhumane, so they started wrapping them the round with a full metal jacket.

So that it goes through the target and doesn’t mushroom and stay inside causing infection and other things, if you’re able to actually live. If you’re getting shot about that, while we’re talking about headbands well, they’re talking about it’s, a movie i’m like that is not.

That is not where it comes from it’s, not from the moment. I had to leave the room yeah it’s, not a movie. I would watch anyway. So let’s. Talk about these headbands, so they look kind of like old, vintage wallpaper and they’re, velvet, very bordeaux looking and they come in like five different colors shelley, i saw it.

I will look for more floral, joggers and plus size um, and they come in a bunch of different colors. I’m wearing the black one, which happens to be my favorite, but i like them because they’re kind of subdued.

So 6.95 and they’re free shipping, so get yourself one. They’re cute queue with a raspy artifact. I know that’s. Why it’s clear! I like i try, but i i not good enough.

Source : Youtube


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