the history of antique dressers from chest to masterpiece

The History of Antique Dressers: From Chest to Masterpiece

There are perhaps no objects as versatile and appealing as antique dressers. With heaps of storage and a flat surface, they can fit seamlessly into any room – and elevate…

wardrobe or armoire distinctions in antique storage

Wardrobe or Armoire: Distinctions in Antique Storage

How do I know if I am looking at a wardrobe or armoire? In the canon of art history and antique furniture, certain terms from other languages, especially French and…

art deco style the glamour of a new century

Art Deco Style: The Glamour of a New Century

Art Deco Style encapsulated the wealth and influence of the industrial class at the turn of the 20th century. Combining modern ideas about shapes and elegance with glamorous materials and…

neoclassical furniture everything you need to know

Neoclassical Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

The Neoclassical furniture era is an especially interesting antique period, because the classical eras of Ancient Greece and Rome directly inspired it. In this period, which came into being in…

interior design styles with andrew flesher

Interior Design Styles with Andrew Flesher

For those interested in antique interior design styles, Andrew Flesher is a resident guru. An award-winning interior designer with 25 years of industry experience, Flesher started his own firm nearly…

antique chairs history buying guide and decor tips

Antique Chairs: History, Buying Guide, and Decor Tips

The History of Antique Chairs The antique chair wasn’t always a common item. In the medieval era and prior, the lower and middle class typically sat on benches and stools….

louis xvi furniture styles styylish spotlight

Louis XVI Furniture Styles: Styylish Spotlight

Louis XVI furniture styles are some of our favorite pieces here at Styylish. In this guide, you’ll find everything from history to design tips, along with a buying guide of…