what is spodumene

What is Spodumene?

‘Spodumene’ (pronounced spoj-uh-meen) is a word not commonly discussed in the world of jewellery, and yet describes a mineral with a history deeply intertwined with all things rich and glamourous….



Garnets come in many colours and even in colour-changing varieties, formed from a group of minerals that have similar crystal structures, often used in jewellery. The first colour that comes…

return of the jedi the story of the omega seamaster jedi

Return of the Jedi: The Story of the Omega Seamaster ‘Jedi’

Fair warning to Omega fans; this might get controversial. ‘Any Seamaster chronograph that isn’t a 145.024 is not a Jedi’ is an all-too-common refrain heard in certain corners of the…

international watch company mark xi

International Watch Company – Mark XI

When you think of military watches, usually the first examples that come to mind are the Dirty Dozens, A. Lange & Sohne pilot’s watches or even Panerai Radiomir wrist watches…

the big apple

The Big Apple

The 4th of July Here at Fellows, we know that the 4th of July is an important holiday for many of our American clients. As our next jewellery auction falls…

alexandrite junes birthstone

Alexandrite: June’s Birthstone

Alexandrite Alexandrite in its natural form is now rarer than diamonds. It is highly desirable and sought after – not surprising considering its magical abilities. Along with pearl and moonstone…

the omega seamaster pre bond

The Omega Seamaster ‘Pre-Bond’

I’m old enough to remember the late 1980’s / early 1990’s. Back then, if you were in the market for a good divers watch you could wear every day, the…

blacksmith romance gretna green marriages

Blacksmith Romance: Gretna Green Marriages

Gretna Green is a small parish in southern Dumfries and Galloway, sitting just on the border between Scotland and England. While the village is relatively normal and small, it boasts…

nelsons coffin

Nelson’s Coffin

Horatio Nelson Horatio Nelson (1758 – 1805) is a name that needs no introduction, his legacy is nothing short of impressive. Joining the Navy at the age of 12, he…

charles horner

Charles Horner

Charles Horner (1837 – 1896) from Yorkshire, was a prominent jeweller in the late 19th. Born to a local weaver in Ovenden, his business was founded in 1860s Halifax. Although…