the birth of extravagance the baroque style in focus

The Birth of Extravagance: The Baroque Style in Focus

Few periods of antique styles leave as much of an imprint on the present day as Baroque style. A period of color, detail, and grandeur, the Baroque appeared in every…

an evolution of style the vintage desk in the 20th century

An Evolution of Style: The Vintage Desk in the 20th Century

A Vintage desk is one that is less than one hundred years old, but nevertheless associated with an artisan period. We traveled through the history of 18th and 19th century…

antique chairs history buying guide and decor tips

Antique Chairs: History, Buying Guide, and Decor Tips

The History of Antique Chairs The antique chair wasn’t always a common item. In the medieval era and prior, the lower and middle class typically sat on benches and stools….

louis xvi furniture styles styylish spotlight

Louis XVI Furniture Styles: Styylish Spotlight

Louis XVI furniture styles are some of our favorite pieces here at Styylish. In this guide, you’ll find everything from history to design tips, along with a buying guide of…