a life of antique furniture styylish and silke berlinghof

A Life of Antique Furniture: Styylish and Silke Berlinghof

Although the Styylish catalogue features a wide variety of interior design objects, it all began with antique furniture. And there is good reason for that. Our founder Silke Berlinghof comes…

what is an accent chair exploring our favorite designs

What is an Accent Chair? Exploring Our Favorite Designs

While browsing our catalogue you might stumble upon a term you’ve never heard of: accent chair. What is an Accent Chair? How is it different from a regular chair? In…

romantic simplicity our biedermeier furniture for sale

Romantic Simplicity: Our Biedermeier Furniture For Sale

In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to some of our Biedermeier furniture for sale. Our Biedermeier collection is a veritable treasure trove. And there is a reason why…

designing the twenties a closer look at art deco decoration

Designing the Twenties: A Closer Look at Art Deco Decoration

From the luxuriant pages of The Great Gatsby to the enduring splendor of Rockefeller Plaza in New York, Art Deco Decoration has long caught the eye of tastemakers and dreamers….

interior design trends on the rise in 2021

Interior Design Trends On the Rise in 2021

2021 is a new year in many, many ways, interior design trends included. We’re leaving the turbulent times of last year behind. With that, we’re expanding into new design styles…

interior design styles with andrew flesher

Interior Design Styles with Andrew Flesher

For those interested in antique interior design styles, Andrew Flesher is a resident guru. An award-winning interior designer with 25 years of industry experience, Flesher started his own firm nearly…

mid century modern chairs styylish spotlight

Mid Century Modern Chairs: Styylish Spotlight

The History of Mid Century Modern Chairs Styylish doesn’t only deal in antiques! Our catalog also includes many mid century or mid century modern furniture items, in this case chairs….

antique chairs history buying guide and decor tips

Antique Chairs: History, Buying Guide, and Decor Tips

The History of Antique Chairs The antique chair wasn’t always a common item. In the medieval era and prior, the lower and middle class typically sat on benches and stools….

louis xvi furniture styles styylish spotlight

Louis XVI Furniture Styles: Styylish Spotlight

Louis XVI furniture styles are some of our favorite pieces here at Styylish. In this guide, you’ll find everything from history to design tips, along with a buying guide of…