the birth of extravagance the baroque style in focus

The Birth of Extravagance: The Baroque Style in Focus

Few periods of antique styles leave as much of an imprint on the present day as Baroque style. A period of color, detail, and grandeur, the Baroque appeared in every…

dreaming in silver the life and art of georg jensen

Dreaming in Silver: The Life and Art of Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen was a Danish designer and silversmith. He is the founder of Danish design company Georg Jensen A/S, which has been operational since 1904. Born in 1866, Jensen contributed…

art deco style the glamour of a new century

Art Deco Style: The Glamour of a New Century

Art Deco Style encapsulated the wealth and influence of the industrial class at the turn of the 20th century. Combining modern ideas about shapes and elegance with glamorous materials and…

interior design trends on the rise in 2021

Interior Design Trends On the Rise in 2021

2021 is a new year in many, many ways, interior design trends included. We’re leaving the turbulent times of last year behind. With that, we’re expanding into new design styles…

neoclassical furniture everything you need to know

Neoclassical Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

The Neoclassical furniture era is an especially interesting antique period, because the classical eras of Ancient Greece and Rome directly inspired it. In this period, which came into being in…

biedermeier style furniture how do you identify it

Biedermeier Style Furniture: How Do You Identify It?

So you’re wondering how to identify Biedermeier style furniture? The Biedermeier period makes for an excellent first step into antique furniture, due the refined, clean lines and informal style. These…

mid century modern chairs styylish spotlight

Mid Century Modern Chairs: Styylish Spotlight

The History of Mid Century Modern Chairs Styylish doesn’t only deal in antiques! Our catalog also includes many mid century or mid century modern furniture items, in this case chairs….