the history of antique dressers from chest to masterpiece

The History of Antique Dressers: From Chest to Masterpiece

There are perhaps no objects as versatile and appealing as antique dressers. With heaps of storage and a flat surface, they can fit seamlessly into any room – and elevate…

wardrobe or armoire distinctions in antique storage

Wardrobe or Armoire: Distinctions in Antique Storage

How do I know if I am looking at a wardrobe or armoire? In the canon of art history and antique furniture, certain terms from other languages, especially French and…

the birth of extravagance the baroque style in focus

The Birth of Extravagance: The Baroque Style in Focus

Few periods of antique styles leave as much of an imprint on the present day as Baroque style. A period of color, detail, and grandeur, the Baroque appeared in every…

an evolution of style the vintage desk in the 20th century

An Evolution of Style: The Vintage Desk in the 20th Century

A Vintage desk is one that is less than one hundred years old, but nevertheless associated with an artisan period. We traveled through the history of 18th and 19th century…

where royals wrote the antique secretary desk in focus

Where Royals Wrote: The Antique Secretary Desk in Focus

Few furniture styles in our collection stand out more than the antique secretary desk. Though various in size and origin, common traits deriving from their rich history unite the various…

from palace to home office the history of antique desks

From Palace to Home Office: The History of Antique Desks

Few objects are endowed with more history than antique desks. As emblems of their styles and period, they are among the most universally important pieces of furniture in world history….

the ss art deco a fictional journey with art deco artists

The SS Art Deco: A Fictional Journey With Art Deco Artists

From carpentry to glassblowing, metalsmithing to embroidery, Art Deco Artists revolutionized every artisan craft in their quest for modern design. The widely varied skillsets, backgrounds, and sensibilities of the luminaries…

dreaming in silver the life and art of georg jensen

Dreaming in Silver: The Life and Art of Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen was a Danish designer and silversmith. He is the founder of Danish design company Georg Jensen A/S, which has been operational since 1904. Born in 1866, Jensen contributed…

art deco style the glamour of a new century

Art Deco Style: The Glamour of a New Century

Art Deco Style encapsulated the wealth and influence of the industrial class at the turn of the 20th century. Combining modern ideas about shapes and elegance with glamorous materials and…

bauhaus furniture visions of modernity in weimar germany

Bauhaus Furniture: Visions of Modernity in Weimar Germany

The Bauhaus furniture style of the early 20th century embodied the change of the time. It arose out of a combination of the Arts and Crafts Movement and Modernism, two emblematic…