a place of gathering a closer look at the biedermeier table

A Place of Gathering: A Closer Look at the Biedermeier Table

Today’s blog focus, the Biedermeier Table, is perhaps the purest expression of Biedermeier design philosophy. It’s well represented in the Styylish catalog. Indeed, of all the wide varieties of products…

baroque design incorporating opulence in the modern home

Baroque Design: Incorporating Opulence in the Modern Home

Baroque design is unmistakable. It’s a deeply decorative design period, filled with ornate details and structural whimsy. As a period intrinsically connected to certain royal households, particularly that of King…

creating contemporary art custom made furniture on styylish

Creating Contemporary Art: Custom Made Furniture on Styylish

The Philosophy of Custom Made Furniture Custom-made furniture is becoming an ever-growing part of the Styylish catalogue. Sourced from real artists and artisans working today, around the globe, these pieces…

anything but sleepy the history of antique nightstands

Anything But Sleepy: The History of Antique Nightstands

An antique nightstand might be just what your bedroom needs. Also known as bedside tables, or nightstand end tables, nightstands have a fascinating history and timeless functionality. From the 19th…

artifact of change the antique sewing table

Artifact of Change: The Antique Sewing Table

The history of the antique sewing table is the history of shifting gender roles. Across classes and societies, women gained empowerment in their own spheres of influence in the 18th…

digital art uncovered a new interior design frontier

Digital Art, Uncovered: A New Interior Design Frontier

How does Digital Art fit in at Styylish? As loyal readers of our blog and followers of our shop will know, we have a significant focus on antiques and antique…

from palace to home office the history of antique desks

From Palace to Home Office: The History of Antique Desks

Few objects are endowed with more history than antique desks. As emblems of their styles and period, they are among the most universally important pieces of furniture in world history….

bauhaus furniture visions of modernity in weimar germany

Bauhaus Furniture: Visions of Modernity in Weimar Germany

The Bauhaus furniture style of the early 20th century embodied the change of the time. It arose out of a combination of the Arts and Crafts Movement and Modernism, two emblematic…

antique game table origins and development

Antique Game Table: Origins and Development

The antique game table is a fascinating and versatile piece of furniture, with a rich and varied history. Television and PlayStations weren’t always the entertainment products of choice. As far…

neoclassical furniture everything you need to know

Neoclassical Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

The Neoclassical furniture era is an especially interesting antique period, because the classical eras of Ancient Greece and Rome directly inspired it. In this period, which came into being in…