The Big Apple

The 4th of July

Here at Fellows, we know that the 4th of July is an important holiday for many of our American clients. As our next jewellery auction falls on this date, we have decided to focus this blog on the US, particularly looking at New York and its distinctive nickname – The Big Apple!

…or Orange?

The Big Peach, The Big Guava, The Big Tomato, and of course – The Big Apple. The US has a funny habit of nicknaming their cities after fruits. ‘The Big Apple’ was not the first fruity nickname bestowed on New York. In 1673, the Dutch captured the city and it was renamed to New Orange, in honour of William III of Orange. This name, of course, did not stick.

New York is actually the top grower of apples in America – a complete coincidence! But is not where the city got its name. One theory goes that the city is named after a woman, Eve, who owned a brothel in the city. However, the true story is far less ‘juicy’.

The term had been floating around since the 20s in relation to horseracing, but it was not until 1970 that it became popular. During the city’s fiscal crisis, the nickname resurfaced as a means of reminding people of New York’s impressive history with the hope of an impressive future. It became synonymous with NYC’s distinctive atmosphere. An iconic nickname for an iconic city. It was then utilised by the official tourism board of the city to promote the city. The campaign was a great success and the nickname has been in use ever since.

‘Big Apple’ Charm at Auction

Big Apple

Lot 318

An enamel ‘Big Apple’ New York charm/pendant.

Estimate £30 – £50

Going for sale in our auction is Lot 318. This delightfully cute ‘Big Apple’ charm/pendant, is perfect for New York locals to proudly show their love of their city. Or tourists who want to commemorate their trip in a quirky and unique way. The red enamel of the apple has a big bite taken out of it, revealing the NYC skyline hidden inside. The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, and other icons.

Auction Details

Jewellery | Day One – Tuesday 4th July 2023



Monday 3rd July 10am – 4pm


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Cordelia Porter | BA (Hons), MRes


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