The Demilune Table: Exploring a Timeless Royal Favorite

Demilune Tables are some of our favorite antique finds. These deceptively simple objects can bring the magic of royal palaces and elegant mansions to your modern home, merely by adding real flair to your hall- or entryways.

In today’s blog, we will explore the origins, variations, and possibilities of the demilune shape. Whether you’re looking for a simple hallway treasure or a marvelously detailed work of furniture art, our array of demilune tables is sure to inspire.

But before we dive into our catalog, let’s cover the basics: what does demilune mean, where does the style come from, and how can we identify it?

Demilune Tables: Breaking Down the Basics

Demilune is French for half-moon. That’s about all you need to know to identify this style of slender table. It features a half-circular top on frequently slender legs so that it might be placed flush against a wall.

That’s especially important in the context of what a demilune table was used for. These marvelous pieces originated in the royal palaces of France, where long, tall hallways dazzled the eye. In order to maximize space and décor, furniture makers crafted demilune tables. It appeared as though regal surfaces were jutting out from the walls of each long, narrow room.

Indeed, the narrower the rooms, the better suited for demilune tables. A rich merchant of the 18th century may not have had a palace. To best use the space in a narrow townhome, demilune tables became just as popular in bourgeoisie circles.

The key to understanding the style is understanding that it transcends periods of design. As you will see in a moment, you can find demilune tables in extravagant styles just as you can in understated ones. That should give you a good idea of the kind of versatility associated with the shape.

Treasures from the Styylish Catalog

The following pieces offer insight into the diversity of periods that embraced the demilune form. From decorative marvels to simple, functional beauties, these tables are originals of select quality.

Decorative Marvels

Demilune Console Table- Styylish
A demilune console table – also available on Styylish

Let’s begin with one of our absolute favorites. This Dutch Demilune Console is a rare find, exhibiting the classic qualities of Dutch marquetry furniture and embracing the compact nature that’s key to the demilune style.

What’s not to love about the dreamy surfaces and elegantly contrasting designs of this stunning piece? The dark mahogany surface provides real depth for the lighter floral arrangements to shine against. If you love the three-dimensional trompe l’oeil effect of masterful craftsmanship, this table is for you.

Dutch marquetry furniture is full of this kind of decor. For more on the style, be sure to check out our recent post on the style. These marvelous pieces are groundbreaking in design and decorative potential – bring one into your home today!

Demilune Console Table- 19th century- styylish
A recently sold German Demilune Table

This recently sold German Demilune Table exhibits a similar kind of awe-inspiring wood art. As an example of what’s possible with the demilune style in modern homes, look no further than this piece, which now graces the bright hallways of a contemporary interior.

Combining magical internal geometry with the simplest of carved forms, this table balances the key aspects of demilune style with confidence. Picture a table like this in your home, creating a breathtaking tension between compatibility and individuality.

Biedermeier Demilunes

Demilune walnut table-Styylish

A demilune table does not have to be busily decorated. We find some of our favorite furniture traits in this classic Biedermeier Demilune Table. Straight, unfussy design that lets the color and pattern of the wood speak for itself.

This is the kind of table that works particularly well in a functional space. Perhaps as the first surface in your entryway, as a home for a beautiful modern key bowl, or a bouquet of spring flowers. It’s not hard to picture this remarkable piece in the alcove of your bedroom, either, as a simple side table or place for a jewelry box.

The possibilities of simple antique furniture are endless: the less busy the style, the easier it is to combine with starkly modern décor.

Biedermeier Demilune table- walnut-Styylish
An extendable Biedermeier table – available now on Styylish

For a different take on functional simplicity, check out this  Biedermeier Demilune Table. Ideal for small spaces, it’s another fold-out full round table that parks naturally against your wall when you don’t need its full girth.

The geometry of the surface is intuitive and satisfying. An internal diamond accents the roundness of the full table and makes the piece feel elegantly functional. You’ll be able to expand your room into a card parlor or gather some friends around for coffee in your antechamber.

No matter the design of the rest of your home, these Biedermeier exemplars will create the perfect ambiance, and bring the elegance of history to your contemporary interiors.

Summary: Plenty of Stars in the Demilune Sky

When it comes to a style as versatile as the demilune table, it’s easy to gloss over its remarkable qualities. As an early example of adaptive furniture, a demilune table fits any space, adding surface to even the narrowest of places. It’s also a perfect place for simple, tasteful décor.

As a meeting place of modern and antique designs, the demilune table shines especially bright. Place a modern vase or lamp on its surface, to give your hallway, entryway, or nook a uniquely beautiful touch.

Like all Styylish products, the demilunes we showed you today are only part of the story. New exemplars of the form will continue to appear in our catalog – but be sure to grab one while you can, because these pieces are among our most popular antiques.

It’s no wonder – when you have a demilune, the sky’s the limit!

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