Trash To Treasure #10 Tin Can Utensil Organizer


We are working on some number 10 cams today. If you’re new here, make sure that you hit that subscribe notifications button, we go live every wednesday at 10 a.m and we take junk and we turn it into home, decor that we either sell or use, except.

I think you forgot to put off do not disturb no. It’s off. Sarah comes through huh yeah. That chat, for whatever reason you know, if you, if you text me a lot, it comes through the paris chat, it’s. All of our friends we went to france, but anyway, speaking of friends, i wanted to make these into french style cans that we can use to house all of that wooden stuff.

That used to be zeb’s heads in the way, but there’s, a number two croc right there, but you can see it now, houses a fiddle fig plant, and so i have a wooden spoon in a utensil situation. So the word i wanted to use the word bakery.

Well, let’s, see how do these fit in here all right, let’s check for size. First, i didn’t. Get that far. I wanted to use the word. Um bakery and that’s, a lingerie in france that’s way too many letters, french, french.

Sorry! I’m out of sorts this morning, um and so then i looked up the word fake, which i’m, probably totally going to hack it, but let’s, see how fake is i texted zeb this morning, uh cure Kiri i know c-u-i-r-e is bake and i was like that’s, five letters.

I can do that so that’s. The word we’re gonna put on all these. I think they fit okay. I think these might be a little tall forgot, my spiel um yeah, but if you put those in front of it yeah, maybe i forgot to say we go live 10 a.

m. Mountain time every wednesday did i say that yeah you already did oh okay! Well there. We go that’s. What we’re doing today, i’m gonna just drink water, and let you talk so i’m gonna be doing the letters in the iod, molds um and then jamie’s.

Gon na start salt washing, so we got to mix up some salt wash. Do we have something to mix the salt water question is: where are the leather molds? I found them, so these are number 10 cans that you get like.

If you don’t know what food storage is it’s? What we in utah like to do in our spare time, make sure we have storage for a rainy or snowy day like the nor’easter, hitting up back east, and we keep things like potato pearls and pinto beans.

And things like this stored in here um and we had some food that had expired. We were moving and uh. We’re, like oh, that that we haven’t gone through this in a little while um that expired back in 2012.

, and then we had some stuff that expired back in, like 2004, we’re like okay. What can we do with these and not just chuck them? Yeah 2012 might be um. You know, you know it’d, probably be edible, but you wouldn’t like it.

It wouldn’t, be like gourmet meal or nacho. Cheese comes in number, 10 cans. We go through those regularly, but our nacho cheese can is full. So i couldn’t empty that one all right. You could also do the similar effect on like a soup.

Can it just wouldn’t be large enough for utensils, and i really wanted something big enough to eat pencils. I’m gonna pull up. Okay air dry clay. We’ve got some cornstarch. I don’t know where the shaker got off.

To that we had, it was super handy. I think it’s back at the shop. Look. I can hear you and then we’re going to how do you spell that again, c-u-i-r-e i’m, going to do the lowercase harbor design and then the uppercase victoria on one of the cans, and then i might you know, play Around with the other one and see okay, i want mine to be the lower case.

So do two lowercase one uppercase: it’s! C? U i r e. Do i need to write that down? No, i got it okay. I can look up again if we need to, and just in case anybody thinks i speak french, probably not by the way i pronounce stuff.

I just use google translate when i want to look up stuff. If you want to know how it sounds, you just hit the little microphone button and it ‘ Ll, sell it to you and it’s, pretty good yeah. It’s, probably better than me, um, to find the products that we’re using today, you can hit up jamie rayvintage.

com. We have the mold the paint, the salt wash all the brushes everything you need to complete this project on that website and just a heads up in case you don’t receive our emails. All of the retired iod products are 25 off until they are sold out and we have an entire retire iod collection on the website.

So you just click that and then um the 25 off comes off at checkout. I know a lot of you guys have already um cashed in on that sale. Um and iod has been doing this fun little marathon thing if you go to their facebook and instagram, and they’ve been showing you how to use some of the retired projects.

Yeah, they’ve, been doing well, not just use them. They’ve, been doing some pretty uh unique designs. They’ve, got some really fun stuff. They were doing gold leafing yesterday, oh my gosh, those sisters they go above and beyond.

They’re better at using it than i am so definitely check them out and then hop back over to our website. Grab the products um and get a good deal. Okay, so i’ve got those the reason we’re using the cornstarch um.

If you’re new to the channel is because it helps with mold release so that you can get your your clay out easily. Oh kayla wants everybody to know. The sale ends february 10 until 10 pm not until sold out.

But if we happen to sell out before the cell ends, then also you can’t get that item so yeah they’re. They’re retired, they’re, not making them anymore. So this is, you know, kind of last chance. There probably be some of them out there still, but they’ll be hard to find.

Well, what happens is certain retailers will hold on to them for like six months and then they’re like oh, you can get these and then they like double and triple the price. I don’t. Do that because i don’t have that kind of space, but if you want these and you want to pay regular or a reduced price now at the time right now, they’re on sale, yeah right now, they’Re on sale, okay, there, you go: okay, number 10 cans are amazing.

I’ve, also actually taken these and put toilet bowl cleaner on them, and you can make them rusty. So using the air dried clay, we’ve tried some other mediums and we do carry another type, but it’s kind of foamy.

This. This uh dries nice and hard. It gives kind of like a nice aged effect. If you let it dry slow, you’re, less likely to have any like cracking. If you want to avoid that, but it’ll, almost sometimes on these smaller pieces get a little crackle, almost like old plaster wood, and we we like that around here – that’s.

What we want! We want the crackle just mixed in salt, wash here to the diy paint and weathered wood. Um salt wash is an additive and the nice thing is, you know it’s, a little extra expense to your paint, but it’s.

Also volume, which means you’re using less paint. So really it’s, a wash yeah, the it’s, a salt wash the preferred ratio is one to one so yeah. You know you’re, getting double the paint if you use the salt wash with it.

I always like to mix away from my face or wear a mask because you don’t want to be breathing it in, even though it is all natural um components here. I didn’t measure that out so i might have you might have too much wash maybe yeah.

I need more paint. I should have uh okay, we need lots of this mix, so we’re good. Okay, we got ta see the question is: did you bring construction adhesive? Oh, i did not do we have any glue here? I’m sure i can hunt something up.

It might just take me a second in the garage. The garage was bad before from just building the house, and we haven’t had time to address it between moving and getting other things going, but uh this last weekend we moved everything that was left in the other house over and so we’ve got like random piles of boxes and stuff all over the house that you know now that we’re done moving.

We can actually address, but my cute little pretty clean house is just basically mountains of junk some of it’s, really good joe yeah, a lot of it’s good stuff, which is why it’s over here um. If it wasn’t good stuff, we did that so jamie had like i’m keeping this at the house pile and this can go to the shop and get sold pile yeah.

So this this week’s. Thrift haul will have some interesting jamie, paraphernalia and 144 says: oh no piles yeah there’s. They’re. There jelly says we have caulk. Caulk is not glue. Adelia yeah, i don’t know if that ‘

Ll work out, i do need to make sure that we get some construction adhesive for the house, all right. Finally mix that up. I need to talk less work, or could you pass me there’s, a pixie brush in that one? You want to use this brush here.

Yep all of our paint, pixie brushes, are also marked down. I can’t. Remember how much clearing them out caitlin can throw that on there, but anyways lots of fun sales at the beginning of february. Going on here guys, hey! We’re clearing out, so i’m, just stippling this on.

Basically, what i’m doing is hiding the fact that this is indeed a number 10 can by adding texture. You can do this same technique that we’re doing on furniture. We like to keep it small, except for the last few weeks, so we have used number 10 cans in the past um to do big molds on, but i think just these little letters are going to be fun.

I’m, hoping it looks like old, almost like rusty enamel at some point. Well, i also brought the uh pennies from heaven: oh, copper, patina and the golden ticket gold patina. So we can really get some metallics going here, maybe throw on some white wax like we did those cute ornaments.

So when we get this more uh, when we get this glued up, i’ll. Give you guys a close-up of these letters? They’re, pretty delicate, so i’m going to leave them sit here until we get them glued on guys. We have new joggers at jrv home.

I don’t know if you guys noticed these have campers on them and they go all the way up to 3x. There’s, also a bunch of new ones. Like i spent christy’s like you just ordered twice as many joggers as you normally do, and i’m, like we were at a.

We had a jogger deficiency. Okay, so definitely check these out. These are like 19.95 at and they’re free shipping. Oh caitlin says that the pain pixies 25 off until sold out that’s, where i got confused yeah that one lasts until they’re gone because we’re changing gears on those i’ll, probably just Seal these with clear wax i’m going.

To be honest, i’m, not good. I’m, not a big scrubber of things and if they get a little aged whatever with time it’s. Fine, but you could totally use like big top or whatever on them. I don’t love super shiny finishes, so i don’t.

I usually just use wax thanks adelia. She says these joggers are cute. They’re teenager approved it’s, it’s, always fun when we can find something, odelia will wear. Well. Campers are just a great subject matter: a lot of people that love vintage things, love campers that have a hard time keeping them in stock.

Okay. So i’m gonna demonstrate the micro rim here, if i can it’s best, if you do it down on a hard surface, but you see how i kind of just globbed that on there – and now i’M, just using my thumb, you can use like a spatula or a little wooden stick or something if you want.

But i’m just using my finger here and that micro rim allows you to just peel the excess off and get a nice clean. Mold jem says you guys have so many tips and tricks. If you wrote a book i would buy it.

We actually have wrote a book funny. It’s, mostly a history of like how we got started and like some of the nitty-gritty stuff. We’ve done. I need you know there’s, always no time to do stuff right. It’s like buy it on amazon, but it would be fun to like throw pictures in with tips like intermittent between the stories and we could totally throw in all the random tips that we got all right.

So i got that clean now. I’m, just gonna roll it out of here. Do you see how random i’m, applying this close your eyes, if you have to, but please don’t pattern, it random, crustiness and texture, and now i have a perfect little e okay, so i may have made more soft wash Than once, you made a lot, oh that happens, we ‘

Ll have to do another project quick once this is off. So if you’ve been waiting to see last week for waste, not wednesday, we did a uh a cabinet for our bathroom and we still it’s sitting right over there among the piles um.

We still have not installed that in the bathroom, because we had to finish moving end of the month. We had to be out of there um. My cousin is nice enough, and my brother is the one moving in. I still have some tools in the garage that he’s going to be using.

So i didn’t have to move all of those um. We grossly underestimated how much it would take to clean up a house. We lived in for nine years with, but hopefully this week we will be able to get that in do like a nice edited video on the bathroom, because the tile in the shower is all complete too.

So we can finish the bathroom all the way off. Now the red solo cup has salt wash mixed with weathered wood diy paint both products. This is a salt wash. I only buy the big tub, it actually lasts quite a long time, but we sell it in big and small and then we, the weathered with paint we sell as well.

All right, i have you letters here. I’m gonna go, find something to stick them on with real quick frasier says the random salt wash is making her eye. Twitch frasier you’re, the kind of person that has to close their eyes when you do it.

If you do a pattern, it’s, just not going to look natural lbd is little black dress in case or or lady bird. No, that’s. Lbj i don’t know. Lbd is a little black dress for us. I don’t know who else uses the acronym jennifer, the the 50 off sale for the clothes and every of the decor and everything at jrb home? That is until it’s gone too, because we have new inventory coming in.

So we’re, just clearing out the old stuff. If i sound like i’m yelling guys, i have fluid in like water in my ear cat here kind of weird scary disorienting. So if i see him off my game, that’s, it um laura.

If the video is blurry, make sure to change your resolution either up or down usually up, but sometimes people have to go down. Uh donna may have just ordered these retro joggers. I actually could have called that one donna from crescent moon cottage totally up your alley.

Tracy says: does anyone else think weathered wood is the best dark color? It is super good. I also love old school, so i can’t say the weather. Wood is the best dark wood dark color, but it’s up there like weathered wood, little black dress and uh old school, probably my favorite to the dogs.

Oh jennifer’s coming north next week and is gonna try some things on in the shop fun jennifer um. They are not marked down in the shop just because the way things work. But if you find things you want, you can order it online for local pickup or just show the gals, the pricing, and they can.

They can match it for you just the way our systems work. All right i did find this is. Why did you just burn your hair yeah? You don’t know because you don’t have hair yeah, it’s. Nice people are like, oh, it looks so pretty down.

I’m, like so not functional. What did you find in the garage? I found construction adhesive and a caulking gun, hey that is winning on all levels. Uh jennifer wants to know. If you can do a tutorial on the frame we did for our tv, we actually we haven’t done it’s, an older video just type in jamie ray vintage, framed tv and it totally pops up on youtube.

I am ready for a can. If you’ve got one ready to go um. We have to put the second color over the toughest okay. Well then, i’ll, make more letters, but i’m ready, so we like to use the construction adhesive.

This is liquid. Nails essentially same thing does sticks to a lot of stuff like construction. Adhesive does um uh, but we like to use it in a caulk gun because it makes it way easier to apply and we buy these big tubes for like four or five dollars.

Eight max. If you’re depending on the construction adhesive versus like getting a little tiny tube for about the same price, you know what you could go ahead and put the letters, and then we’ll paint over the top of them.

That’s. What i was thinking, i think it might make it more careful it’s. Hot careful. Will you touch that’s? Fine! I need why do i not have a lazy susan? Yet i mean i have one, but it’s missing. I feel like.

We need a big one though, like to spin like a whole chair around jessica, says our households go scott quarantine. Thankfully i have two jrb showing up tomorrow, friday, bummed about quarantine but stoked about the craft box.

If you got ta stay home at least you can be crafting. Oh no, that fell. Let’s, see if it’s. All in one piece it survived. Caitlyn says her lazy. Susan is pretty big. Yours is big. We could. We just need to make one and carry it like a project lazy season.

I just need to go shopping online, buy blood wholesale. The spout on this one is not cut as small as i cut the one at the shop, and this glue is wanting to really dub on here thick. Please do not get it on my counter, though.

I’m, not uh, rebecca the 50 off is just random items that we had at the jrv home website for a long time, so just check out the collection um it’s, the jrv home collection. It says 50 off new year’s, sale or something like that.

Everything in the collection will come off 50 off when you check out, but only the items in that collection. So if you just go to the menu you can just pop onto that one and you’ll, see another niche muscle, just ordered the jrv joggers.

I actually think i saw that came through on zeb’s phone. His phone is not under northeastern, oh well. Here i’ll fix it. I could have sworn i put it on there. Well, we don ‘ T want to get a random call from my brother and my dad.

They’ve, been asking me lots of tire questions this morning in case you guys don’t know. Is that worked for discount tire for 15 years 15 years yeah when we started dating that’s where he was working at the time, and so he off the top of his head? His brother calls him, and he says if i was going to get cooper tires for this particular car.

What would the size be and the zebs bounce it out and it’s? A looks like a three number size right. So what would those be? Uh he wanted 255 85. 16S. Okay, so you see how he just spouted that out, like three numbers, because all tires have three different numbers has to do with the size of the tires and off the top of his head.

Even though he hasn’t worked there for almost six years, yeah in april will be six years since he went and started working with me six years in april. That feels like we’re coming that’s. That’s on the back end of ten years.

It’s like riding the bike he well, he could spat off those tire sizes. So i mean weird human tricks: that’s. What’s? It’s, cause they’re still important to me. I still like tires yeah that’s, always trying to get me to get new tires and wheels on the expedition.

I’m, like i think i might have won her over, because we saw one the other day that had been had a little bit of a lift on it with some tires and wheels and she’s like that. Does look good. It’s like designed for cars, but i’m, always like that’s, not practical.

It’s just a car, but then we ‘ Ve also been talking about trading it in and getting something different this year, because it’s, his turn to get a vehicle for tax purposes, but the vehicle he wants is like the new hybrid and i’m, like you really need To let that stew, a year before you get something new, you know what i really like these last two fords we got.

I trust them that they’ve done enough quality control on it. Well, you just want the new car. I was in the car the other day and i turned on the air conditioning and it starts making this weird noise and i was like maybe i don’t want another ford.

I mean this one’s, pretty new. Why is it making this noise and it turns off? It turns back on it’s intermittent i finally get to the house. It was my mother’s, swiffer back from moving it and it was like it was in the back.

It was in the back of the expedition because we’ve, been moving from the old house, and i’m. Getting super annoyed because i’m like turning off the ac and the noise is still happening and like what is actually going on and then, by the time it’s about a 10 minute drive between the two houses depending on traffic.

By the time i get here, i’m super annoyed and then it hits me. I bet that’s, my mom’s, flipper back sure enough. Wasn’t the expedition it’s, just the little things in life, like the noises that you can’t figure out, like i’m, already annoyed because there’s like a button that broke That is on back order and has been for a couple months and there’s like eight ways to shut the back hatch, but the button on the inside isn’t currently functioning, and so every time i have to like use my Keys or go to the front of the car, i’m super annoyed by it.

Just because i’m like this, car is pretty new. It shouldn’t be broken, so i was like now now we’ve got that and there’s. This weird thing, when you turn the left blinker on it like intermittently, will go super fast, like the uh.

What are those called shocks or spark spark plugs, are going out only it’s, not and those parts are right, and so those things combine just what the bulk the bulb whatever. But right it’s, not bad, and i can never recreate it when it’s at the dealership, and so i’m.

Like those things combined, i’m like if there’s, a strange noise happening that’s. It i’m. It’s, going back all right. I think that one’s done. I haven’t had a single thing on my truck um. You have a weird thing where it doesn’t undo the keys like the doors, oh with the door lock when you grab the handle yeah.

That seems like a minor issue that i’m, not going to complain about my very first car was a 50 was a 50 1980 subaru hatchback that had 250 000 miles on it and i drove it for 30 000 miles and sold it for More than i bought it for well, you fixed it.

It had a hole in the floorboard yeah. It did. Do you remember the chevy love when we were first married. When i first got that car i had, if it rained, i had to put a board on the floorboard, because the water would spit up and get me all dirty going to school.

So when we were first married um, i had a decent car because my parents had bought me this. Do you remember day woos yeah that came out in about 2000, which is what i graduated. I had a blue day. We with a spoiler.

It was pretty cute piece of junk talk about stuff breaking but anyways, but zeb drove uh 1980. by then i graduated to the chevy love. It was in 81., but we couldn’t afford we couldn’t afford a window, and so our solution was a discount tire, because that’s.

What he worked, those big tire bags and so his window was a tire bag until we sold it. I believe yeah it was the passenger window, so it was the passenger window, so i could still go through the drive-through and get food [ Music ].

Oh my gosh, but anyways yeah, so we’ve had our i feel like we’ve done our time, so it’s. Okay, that we have cars that you know have things like automatic situations. Well, you can’t even get roll-up windows anymore, like everything’s automatic now, and then you were like from like 2015, like you got to really hunt for some roll-up windows.

It’s like a bare bones, like the uppercase yeah, the uppercase is good. It’s, my favorite, but i it’s, my favorite, but i also write in all caps. But somehow i got this crooked on here and it’s. Sticking really really well um so hope had a good idea and actually hope i thought of that, the next time it happens to record it, but i have to have somebody in the car.

Wait i recorded the blinker, so oh, you did yeah okay good, because obviously, when i’m driving, i’m, not gonna bust, my phone out and be like. How did you get in that accident? Ma’am well. I did i don’t, be saying that i was at a stop.

I was at a stop light, turning left and it was like so i i recorded it annoying right. Sometimes i just don’t turn the left-hand blinker on, because i’m, like give me a ticket, i just can’t handle this dude.

I’m in the left-hand turn lane. They know where i’m, going all right. There we go so they’re on there. We got the salt wash. We’re gonna paint it all and make it look uniform. Can you adjust the camera to eye level? This is my eyes at this level.

So if we adjust it to eye level, it makes it really hard to see what’s on the actual table that we’re working on and to see our face like you get like our neck down. Our eye level is very different, yes or maybe she means like just the table, but then all you see is like this.

Now we like to hold it up close, so you can see the close-up, so you got to deal with story time for a minute. While i’m doing the project and then i’ll show you so this says i should have looked up the way you pronounce it curie.

It means bake in uh, french, so there you go a very french country. Okay, i really need to take – maybe i should say take uh. Do you know that what’s, the thing rosetta stone where you learn how to speak a language or that that kids, one with the big fluffy characters like and they like teach you french? You sound like uh joey from friends when he’s, trying to audition for that french part, and he doesn’t speak a bit of french.

I was thinking i sounded like uh. What’s, her bucket the one that fakes? Oh julia, childs? Today we have butter, but she’s, actually not french. She just cooked french stuff in france, so maybe that’s.

Why? I sound like her because she’s american all right. Moving on, i have 80d hardcore, so i ‘ Ve got some bead board here. I’m, going to paint over the letters i’m, going to paint over the can and it’s going to get very, very boring.

I can never find the r it’s like tucked over here. In the corner, i’m, going to stipple it on to add more texture, also because i don’t want to brush and then wipe the letters off that are not cured okay, so we’re doing lowercase on this.

I’m, worried that the lower case is going to be a little too small for these michelle says cook here. Well, i swear cook bake. Whatever i swear, i looked up the word bake and this came up so whatever google translate, maybe maybe it’s.

Folks, languages are weird, sometimes that are different in our language. We need you guys to keep us straight on this, because we, i took french for a year in high school yeah, but it was because i wanted to sit next to a certain girl that had the same class and i didn’t.

Learn any french like i got, i got a c it’s like one of my only c’s that i ever got. I think i had one more in grade school, but deb got really good great. He also went to a school that didn’t have an honors program while he was there until after he left.

So so i got good grades. I got pretty good grades by uh. Did you fall? No, i i read whatever i wanted in class and then i did everything at home in like 10 minutes 15 minutes, it was really annoying in high school.

I graduated with like a solid 3.5, but i worked like i did twice as much homework as them, but admittedly i took some honors classes and my school was a little bit more challenging okay, so that i had a break.

Oh, it’s baked and cook there. We go bake and cook it’s, a dual purpose: french word yeah. They have those! Well it’s like english. We have them too, like lots of them. The stuff that i’m doing you know what i’m.

Putting here will be used for both baking and cooking, so that is handy, [, Music, ]. I think what happened is this little piece of paper clay? I left it sitting out while i glued those other ones on and it’s getting a little dry.

So if that happens, put a baby wipe in there to refresh it paper towel it’s, just a little piece. Well, if you ever forget, because you need to put your stuff up and if you don’t forget to do that. Is this going to make somebody’s, eye twitch, even more that it’s like still totally random.

Sorry, sorry for the eye, twitches it’s good. I got a c out good job. Oh you’re still on. The second. Can: okay um yeah? Okay, i’m gonna give you this okay and i’m gonna well, because i glued those on so that you have something, because this is water.

Luckily, it’s, not paint. We always get those fun messages. Uh people dip in there dip in their paintbrush to like get more paint on it in their coffee or their their paint water that they’re cleaning their brush with they drink it because they think it’s.

Coffee like very important that it’s, separated on your workstation adelia said she wants to drive an old board truck. It sounds great until you got to park that beast, and so would i everything i’m. Looking for like a uh old bronco for her that we can fix up, but they’re hard to find they’re, they’re like classic vehicles now and they’re very uh sought after desirable.

I also was looking for like a blazer same type of vehicle, um couldn’t find any of those either so because there’s, no dark. Underneath this white, we’re, definitely going to have to do some sort of patina and possibly dark waxing to bring out those letters on our can situation here, but it is turning into something kind of cool.

I don’t know if you guys can see the coolness factor, but it’s getting cool, and if you don’t like crusty, you could just do solid, pink colors that are totally uniform, getting patterned whatever. So you got to be careful with the eye.

The dot is completely separate from the rest of the mold. Apparently there’s, a tiffany blue bronco. We could buy a new one, but not foreign yeah. They have, they have new ones, but we’ve. We did that with our son.

You know he had like uh. We had just paid off a 2015 durango that we bought it was. It was 2000. 2017. that was the 15th um that we had purchased and we had just paid it off and he was driving it and he’d only been driving in a month, and he let his friend that didn’t have A license drive on his friend’s, 16th birthday and his friend wrecked the durango, and i sold it the next day.

Well yeah, and then we showed him. We bought him a really nice and then, after that, he uh he had to drive a lesser vehicle because i was dying. You know what i bought my own vehicles and the fact that we were giving him vehicles to drive that kid spoiled.

But now he has his own vehicle. I’m, a terrible parent. I’m, a terrible parent. I should have made him. You know what i i know. I noticed that the other day i told him i’m. Like you know. What now that you’ve bought your own car and you’re, paying your own insurance.

You haven’t, had a single ticket or an accident. What’s going on? He’s like i’m, a better driver. Now i’m like no. I just think you’re, more cautious. It’s, a travisham ocarina, so we’re, not doing that with adelia and the mockery.

The way he treated him she can. She can drive the golf cart for all. I care it’s, not legal. In our city, i’m working with the city council right now trying to get illegal. I am the police department we found out.

It was illegal. We were breaking the law, so we’re trying to be law-abiding citizens, but the real reason why we uh we provided him with a vehicle is because at the time we were ridiculously busy and had he and he was doing two sports and we Wanted him to be able to do those sports instead of have a job so that he could have a car when he totaled the jetta? He was picking up milkshake yeah, he totaled the jetta.

While he was running a work errand for us and he turned he totaled it new year’s, eve, making a left in a busy intersection and he got hit. We shouldn’t know that the following year of 2020 was going to be a humdinger after that happened yeah.

He was picking up my milk paint order in west jordan, okay, so i’m going to distress this a little bit. Take down some of those peaks! Sorry guys, if you can’t see what i’m doing. So whatever we get for regalia to drive, it will be reliable because i don’t put teenagers in cars that don’t run good and good tires.

I said that when people would come to discount time, they’d. Be like well, i don’t want to buy expensive tires because just my wife and my kids, driving around town, i’m, like he’s like that’s, your wife and kids.

So you don’t want nice tires like what is your i mean i get if that’s, what you can afford it’s better than nothing, but that’s, not a good example, but don’t give me the excuse that it’s, your wife’s minivan and you don’t want to buy nice tires for her because it doesn’t matter.

Zep has always made we have so many people getting accidents here in the snow because they don’t have tires all right. So this is where we’re at now. We’re. Getting there. Can i have the copper patina? Yes, do you know it’s? Oh there it is, and there’s a brush over there which brush do you want? I ‘

Ve got a fistful of them. I got a little one. If you want, like a stencil brush, don’t make decisions for a julia based on herrington’s driving. Well, what we told her is: if you’re good for a year and you don’t, get any tickets or good any accidents.

We’ll, sell the not great car that you learn to drive on and get you something nicer. I felt like that was a great incentive. Can i have that knife if we can afford it, like you, never know where you’re gonna be at my kids, are really good there’s times that we’ve had money times that we didn’t have money and they just are happy to have whatever, which is good.

I don’t like kids to feel entitled. Can you sally i’m, making a can for all my stuff right there. I’m trying to glue over here. I’m sorry wow. This is on here guys because it’s. Picturesque i had to crumple the bottom of the.

Can the patina does stick on. If you guys get this and you can’t like we don’t clean, the top of our lid, see that clean your lid and it’ll help with that before you put it on there, but run it under Hot water for like a minute or two, and it’ll, come right off.

This is the same. Copper patina that we started with when this came out. We’ve used it quite a bit. It just goes a long way, yeah all right. Now we’re, adding copper to our situation. If i like, what is she doing? Don’t worry.

Don’t worry about it. You got to make those letters come out. I actually don’t know what i’m. Doing you’re just but sometimes on waste, not wednesdays. You guys get to see us experiment and we don’t know what the end result is not like.

I practiced this off camera guys. Oh my dad’s. Yelling at my mom, oh dylan. Would you see what grandpa wants in case you guys didn’t, know uh. My parents are 81 and 87 and they live with us. They’re hard of hearing.

Just like me currently, my ears, jimmy’s got some water, she took a bath and she got some water in her ear, and now she can’t hear out of that ear and it hasn’t drained it’s, making me very sympathetic to the plight that my parents had to deal with she’s.

Like can. I lay on your side of the bed. While we watch tv tonight, i can’t hear because when i lay like my good ear has to be up, i know the struggle is real. This actually just looks like a mess. I sleep nicely good on whatever side of the bed.

I’m on you, sleep good. Whenever you actually fall asleep you, you’re dead to the world, yeah all right, okay! Well, we’re gonna we’re gonna just remind them to be quiet, odelia, no, fighting, no fighting.

While we’re live it’s about to get really real over here reality tv at its finest. Oh, you can’t script. This stuff caitlyn says her ears finally popped. Yesterday i did buy an irrigation kit. We tried candling my ear that didn’t work, mostly just freaked zeb out, so you know there’s, something about putting something in your ear, that’s on fire, like i’m like how this seems Like witch doctor type stuff like what are we doing, i took a picture.

I’m. Like let’s, get some ritual stones out. We got to get a circle going. She’s like laying on the bed with like this flaming stick poking out her ear. I’m standing there, just like making sure the house doesn’t burn down like this, does not just build this house like this.

Does not end well like never again, never again find a big whatever, but i know i need to go to the doctor, but here’s. The thing i’m kind of busy and i don’t. It’s like my last resort, so i bought an irrigation kit.

We’re gonna try that, because that’s, what they normally do, that’s really good at watching videos on youtube. I am he’s, basically an md, so we’re gonna. Try that that doesn’t work. I’ll, go to the urgent care.

I don’t actually have a family doctor, because i don’t actually ever go to the doctor q-u-i-r-e right, but we don’t check. I got ta dot my eye, so the eye like i was saying before it kind of looks like a small one, and then you put the eye on up above and it’s.

Just this little tiny, little dot jane says no camera there’s. No candle in here earlier here’s. The thing seb’s also really weird about anything with his ears or his eyes like when i was getting lasik stuff.

Doesn’t go in about died when they were like doing lasik. I was like well, she’s like film it because it’s like in a big open window, and it’s, just like long bank of machines and stuff, and you can just watch the whole process going on.

They got a big tv to blow up what the doctor sees so that whoever’s outside the window can also see, and she’s like film it it’ll, be cool. I’m over there. I’m. Like don’t. They’re, cutting the eye. No fine.

I can see now 2015.. I was almost blind literally before so i actually do like it has been good. We don’t know the latest shipwrecked patina. Do we um, i don’t, think you brought any of the shipwrecked with you so fun fact.

You can get the patina in a bubble using a heat gun. The patina is bubbling well. Yeah because it’s like a it’s like a top coat yeah, it does look kind of like a built-in plastic situation. So i love that that’s, really giving i’m going to show you guys this up close okay, you got some texture on that.

That’s for sure texture. We’re, really upgrading this number 10. Can here, look you guys, look how cool that is all right. Maybe you don’t like it. How’s, my close-up site hold on as long as i hold it here like.

If i’m, like this close just like right here, is good, i’m, also approaching middle age guys, so that does speeding up on you. So the lowercase letters look really good too. I thought that they would be too small in here, but i put them a little higher and they’re.

Looking great it’s, my favorite all right. I’m just pulling through some of the oops and the uh. The lines on the can really help you line it up. Good, like the the ribs on there plus bonus. Okay, i’m just taking down.

I think we got a hair in here. I just pulled it out, it looked melty. Did it look? Brown? No, i wasn’t one of your salt washed. No, no blonde nose, hair. It was a long hair. It’s, a long hair, probably mine, all right.

This needs to what do we need to do to that? No, that needs to cool down before i decide to white wax. Okay, i’ve got another, can ready for you. I do love that a little the lowercase. Do you want all right? We have one more can left.

You want uppercase or lowercase um. I say lowercase another lowercase, those are harder, they’re, so small and we’ll have one of each to sell, because i think i’m going to keep the lowercase. I’m, going to really almost put that water.

Okay, i’m, going to be really annoyed if i prefer the uppercase, because i won’t take it because only have one. It was one of each. So if you’re new here, we have a website called and that’s, where we sell all the things we make and buy and thrift.

And then we also have a little store called jamie, ray vintage on main street and so a lot of times. We make stuff that we just resell and a lot of people that watch our channel either make the decor themselves or buy it on our website or they copy our design, which is fine too, and they sell it in their antique stores, or you know, boots that They rent out of so it’s, kind of a fun little.

It’s way more fun to make your own stuff. But i’ll. Just say that yeah, it’s, fun fun to create. But we don’t care because we either make money because you watch the video or we make money because you buy our stuff or you make money because you buy our products.

Whatever so it’s, a great way to have a job and all the things in the world being a maker is pretty fun copy away. We’re, okay with it yeah it’s, not all about making money, but we do have to feel. In fact, i really love to see people who have taken our ideas and done even uh like a better spin on it.

They’re like that’s neat, but it could be better if i did this and then they put it in the group they posted in the group and the jamie ray vintage group, and i’m like yep. That’s, better yep. That’s better thing! Well, you know we’re doing it live for the first time right, like we haven’t practiced it.

So then they take what we do and they just build on that all right here’s, the lowercase one i’m, so cute, okay, i’m. Getting faster at these letters. They’re, oh linda, says: take a cotton ball dip. It in alcohol then place the ball in your ear.

Wait till it dries then take out the other.

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