Antiques You Love – Feed Your Passions

Collecting Antiques can be challenging but it can also be fun and exciting as well.

You may be keen young amateur collector, excited by the hunt.Or a young couple wanting to fill your new home with antique art that inspires passionate dinner conversations.

Collecting antiques as an investment has traditionally paid good dividends but always looking for profit can, as we’ve already said, be frustrating and challenging.

Mostly we suppress our passions and view our antique purchases clinically, with cold reason and an eye on economics and worth.

But if you try occasionally to buy antiques that appeal to the inner child in you, that happy emotional free spirit you were before money became a factor.

Keep your eyes open
What is the saying “one man’s junk is another man’s gold”?

Well when it comes to old furniture that is really the case.

Find a number of great items (including antique school chairs) left outside by a dumpster ready to be taken to the recycling centre.

Now there is no way of knowing where these are (unless you keep an insider at the garbage company sweet), so it does boil down to luck.

Re-upholstering a chair, sofa or anything else for that matter allows you to transform a beaten and average piece into something totally different.