Old Soviet Drill Restoration

Restoring an old, rusty electric drill. The design of this drill reminds me of old 60’s campers, that’s why I went with the polished aluminium look in this restoration.
Inside wiring was a mess, with sandpaper used as insulation tape…
When I looked for it online I found a picture of a drill with the handle painted in a faded shade of green which I liked. The guy at the paint shop attempted to match the color and failed spectacularly.
The drill chuck was in really poor shape and I even went and bought a new one to use if the original one was beyond repair. But a few days in vinegar and the chuck cleaned really nice and got unstuck. A bit of polish and it was good to use in the restoration.

Shabby Chic Frames Vs Vintage Picture Frames

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A Brief History Of Indian Paper Money!

Indian fiat money or paper currency as we generally describe it as; have been minted in several ranges. The earliest known Indian paper currency was released in the year 1861 under the rule of the British.

Collecting Error Coins As A Hobby!

Gathering mistake coins is a pastime that is pursued by lots of admirers of coins as well as paper currency. An individual that has an eager rate of interest in examining concerning coins is frequently referred as a “numismatic.” Some numismatics likes gathering old coins, elegant phoned number notes, British India notes, rare coins, or mistake coins and also notes.

Antique Doll Appraisals

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Genuine Antique Desks – Why Buy a Reproduction If You Can Have the Real Thing?

Thinking about getting a desk for your home or workplace? An authentic antique workdesk could be the response as opposed to a contemporary reproduction.

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