Opening an 1800’s Jewelry Box! estate sale finds!

A Guide To Printing Your Own Pictures, Text and Designs Onto Glass Surfaces

Everybody has a lot of glass objects in their home and you can really brighten yours up by printing your own pictures and other designs onto glass surfaces. This is a comprehensive guide on how to do this.

Soap Making: Creating A Unique And Personal Product

Soap is one of the simple essentials of life, keeping things clean and free of bacteria. This versatile product can be found in a myriad of different applications in daily life. Rather than turning to a commercial product for hygiene needs, many consumers instead make their own soap. This is not only a cost-effective way to keep one’s home clean, but it also allows soap makers to customize the designs and scents of the soaps they use. Handmade soaps can also serve as a great gift for friends and family.

Why Are Merrow Sewing Machines So Popular?

Merrow sewing machines are world famous for their quality and durability. Sewers and quilters can purchase technical sewing machines, end-to-end seaming machines, and fashion machines. Each machine comes with lots of features and accessories, and can operate longer than any other competitive sewing machine in its class.

Crafty Tips For Braiding With Paracord

Before you start braiding anything with paracord, it is important to buy enough cord, keeping in mind that the length of paracord you should buy is dependent on the type of braid you will be doing. Creating a belt with a cobra braid for example, you will need about 50 to 70 feet of paracord depending on your waist size. For smaller accessories like watch bands or bracelets, approximately 15 feet should suffice.

Myths and Facts About the Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

The Singer Featherweight sewing machine was available for sale between 1933 and 1964. It has quickly become one of the most popular sewing machines in the world. The popularity of these sewing machines has helped uncover a wealth of information regarding its many variations…

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