Turning a Rusty BEARING into a Shiny but Razor Sharp KARAMBIT

Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arrangements

Ikebana literally means “living flowers”. It is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Rather than just simply organizing some flowers into a vase, it’s a proper form of art. Stems, leaves and flowers are carefully arranged into a vase or other container. The arrangement is considered a living thing showing the magnificence of nature and humanity. Ikebana has deep spiritual roots. It evolved centuries ago from the Buddhist practice of offering flowers to the spirits of the dead.

Contemporary Quilts Move Beyond Country Decor

Contemporary quilts, which stress intuitive design rather than strict adherence to traditional patterns, are popular among many crafters. Unlike traditional pieces often made of fabrics on hand with intricate classic design, contemporary quilts use fabrics to enhance the design that are chosen for their color and feel.

Furniture Makeover – Drab to Fab Dresser

My phenomenal hubby (with the help of a friend) kindly picked these up for me a couple of weeks ago. They are gorgeous and solid but also unbelievably heavy and very very large.

Talking Embroidery Digitizing Beyond the Logo

It has been providing superior embroidery digitizing services to the industry for the past 8 years. We have earned a reputation of being a highly reliable, immensely skilled, quality conscious and competitive service provider in the International market.

Woodturning – What Can You Make With A Wood Lathe?

Woodturning does not begin and end with turning bowls. Lots of other things can be and have been made with a wood lathe over the centuries and continue to be made today. Using the basic tools of a woodturner, take a look at what some of these things may be and consider if you might like to be one of those people crafting them today.

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