A Space to Dream: Bedroom Decor Ideas Across Design Periods

Bedroom decor ideas have special significance. After all, what room is more private and personal than the bedroom? As a space of retreat and rest, it ought to be a haven. And what better way to make it feel like a safe place than by giving it the star treatment?

Last week, we explored how to approach designing an antique and modern Dining Room. In today’s blog, we want to explore the bedroom through a similar lens.

Keep an open mind to unexpected combinations as you read through this piece. Our aim is to introduce you to all the different ways in which you can find connections between furniture pieces and other decorations, regardless of their period. It’s those unexpected connections that make a room and interior unique and personally brilliant.

And while we don’t have any bed frames available for sale on Styylish, we’ve got everything around the bed. No matter what kind of frame you have, there are ways to incorporate various design periods into your bedroom, and thereby create a space to really call home.

An Imaginary Room: Our Bedroom Decor Ideas

Around the Bed

Pair of Side Tables- Styylish
A pair of 19th-century side tables – available now on Styylish

If you’ve got a bed, you need bedside tables. There’s no better place to keep your favorite book or a cup of water – but side tables can be much more than just functional objects.

These 19th Century Side Tables are unique, elegant, yet whimsical objects. The first thing you notice about these tables is the gold. Though certainly ostentatious, it’s used in a very modern way. The spiraling column that supports each surface makes the tables feel less pompous. And the juxtaposition of ebonized wood and gilded surfaces makes for a surprisingly modern combination.

The real stars of these tables, besides the unique geometry, are the cherry wood surfaces. Elegant and subtle, they feel approachable and combinable, bridging the flashier elements of the tables with simple craft-focused tendencies.

Seating: Another Place to Unwind

Modern Lounger- walnut with black leather- styylish
A modern lounger – available now on Styylish

It’s a simple luxury to have a place to relax in your bedroom that’s not your bed. It’s one of the easiest strategies to foster healthy sleeping habits and separate a mid-day rest from a good night’s sleep.

This Modern Lounger is an exceptionally beautiful piece. Recalling the organic shape of a grasshopper in its nimble frame, it features a neutral wood frame that bridges the gap between a modern grey headboard and an antique wood dresser, for instance.

The black cushions, designed with ergonomic support in mind, reflect the black color of our chosen side tables in a subtle, unique way.

Elegance in Storage

Baroque Style Dresser- styylish
A Baroque style dresser – available now on Styylish

A dresser is important to any bedroom – after all, simple, clean storage solutions make your home life easier and create a sense of order and harmony in your sleeping space. But a dresser can be a challenge, too. Do you prioritize its functionality, or do you allow it to have a character all of its own?

This Baroque-Style dresser offers a little bit of both. Free from a high-gloss varnish but nevertheless elegant this deceptively simple piece finds a connection to all the pieces across our imagined room.

The modern lounger’s matte wood frame makes an exquisite connection with the walnut wood of this dresser. But the lightness of the dresser’s wood also converses effectively with the wood surfaces of the side tables, for instance.


Art Deco Table Lamp- styylish
An Art Deco Table Lamp – available now on Styylish

Lighting offers many opportunities for interesting bedroom decor ideas. Atop any good dresser rests a table lamp. You might consider this Art Deco Table Lamp, which finds a connection to the side tables across design periods thanks to its black lacquer and polished copper mountings. Though certainly a dramatic piece, it brings a unique accent to the simpler dresser, creating a sense of cozy elegance.

The Art Deco lamp also highlights the unexpected moments of Art Deco-reminiscent design in the 19th-century dresser. The geometric decorations and contrasting colors make the dresser feel easy to connect with the Art Deco period in unexpected ways.

Recycled Ceiling Lam- Model half Superstar hanging- Styylish
The Half Superstar Lamp – available now on Styylish

For the chandelier in this room, consider a piece that has the shape of a classic lamp, while espousing distinctly contemporary values and elements. The Puff Buff Half Superstar Lamp is made entirely from recycled materials, which lend a playful, modern aura to a piece that’s meant to remind you of a classic round ceiling lamp.

A Splash of Color

No bedroom is complete without wall art that creates a sense of peace and reflection. The pieces by contemporary Croatian artist Natasa Kekanovic available on Styylish capture humans at inflection points of decision and emotion.

Natasa Kekanovicz contemporary art- Styylish
Natasa Kakanovic’s Solitude – available now on Styylish

Take Natasa Kekanovic’s Solitude, for instance. Geometric forms and golden hues connect the splashier elements of our chosen 19th-century pieces with a modern sensibility. There is a sense of deep thought – and while the piece’s title suggests isolation, there is an aspect of chosen peace in the calmness of the human figure.

Browse the Styylish catalog for more contemporary pieces by some of the world’s most prolific modern artists. Select a piece that speaks to you directly – if you can find connection and peace in it, it’s a great choice for your personal haven.

The Room as a Whole

Through the centuries and across style periods, we have created a room that may seem eclectic at first glance, but actually fosters a deep sense of harmony. Centered around a simple modern bed, the pieces featured in our imaginary layout tell a story. Moments of slight opulence meet elements of complete understatement in a connected and harmonic way.

This post is meant to give you a sense of limitless possibility – when it comes to bedroom decor ideas, consider bridging the gap between modern concepts and historical treasures. It’s not as difficult as it might seem, and it will make your home feel unique and personal to you. And, after all, there’s nothing more important than to feel personally at home in your bedroom.

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